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Feb 21st, 2018, 09:12am

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xx Friend has an eating disorder, what should i do
« Thread started on: Oct 8th, 2017, 10:41pm »

Hi everyone,

I am a high school student. A close friend of mine seems to be showing signs of an eating disorder. He frequently eats meals and then vomits them up afterward, and he has spoken to me and my other friends about it as well. It is clear the reason he does this is due to issues he has with his body, and he wants to be thinner.

We were doing a video call with him and he ate a sandwich in front of us, and soon after he went to puke again. We told him to stop, so he hung up on us and told us to let him finish.

He sees a therapist for other issues, for example his depression. However, I donít think he is open with her about his body issues.

My friends and I are very concerned about him, but we have no idea how to get help for him. There is a guidance counselor at our school we could talk to, for example, but the most she would do is call his parents or do nothing at all. My friends and I are not close with his family.

This is my first time on my website and I am not sure if this topic is very appropriate, but I donít know where else to go. If I could get some advice, that would be great. Thank you.
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