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my life serves no purpose
Post by antisaint on Oct 26th, 2010, 11:21pm

So I have a minor set back at the moment. I get up every morning for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I'm already alive. I have no purpose in my life. I'm 20 years old, just working, not going to school or anything, and no real desire to.. at all.. the thought of school kinda sickens me. I go to work, and I work hard and take pride in my work, yet its not important to me at all. I'd rather never work another day in my life. And it's not just the job. I don't like it, but no other job sounds anymore appealing to me.

I have almost no friends, just three, only one that I'd consider a close friend, who I don't even talk to about anything serious anyway. I see them like once a week. And I don't really want to make more friends either. I have no girlfriend, and don't see a way of ever getting one. I won't approach women I don't know because I dislike meeting new people. I won't go on dating websites because I hate the very idea of it, and I won't ask any girls out that I do know because I feel uncomfortable about the idea. It's kinda complicated, but to make a long story short, I'd say odds are very good that I will spend the rest of my life alone.

I have virtually no hobbies, as nothing sounds interesting to me. Things I am naturally talented at do not interest me, so I don't pursue partaking in them. I spend my days off work just killing time waiting to back to work, and I spend my time at work wishing I was at home, where I would do nothing anyway. If you were to ask me what I wanted out of life, I couldn't give you an answer. I can't even answer why I get out of bed every morning. I haven't killed myself just because.. well I don't even really have the ambition to do that. Nothing is important anymore. Don't know what to do, not sure what anyone here could tell me, but I figured I'd try and find some help. I don't buy into the religious thing either, and I will not take medication.. don't believe in it. So, any other advice would be good.
Re: my life serves no purpose
Post by Zurikon on Feb 20th, 2011, 10:23pm

You are forcing yourself into seclusion. You have 3 Friends and 1 closer than the others thats better than nothing and I bet the more you would hang out with them the happier you would be. Also through friends their is the possibility of meeting girls.

Also for someone who just doesn't care you seem to be very intimidated by social life. I assume you just say you dont care and convince yourself you dont care because thats easier than doing it.

Also look more closely at those times you just "waste" time or whatever. I bet their is a hobby in the making or already is their. I bet you see things in your everyday to day motions that makes you like, "yeah!" that would be cool to have or do.

Only you are going to make your life better, no one on these forums will. And your life does not sound bad anyways. Your just depressed and although motivated do a good job at work you lack any motivation for home.

This all sounds odd to me just because how can someone have pride in a job they dont like or have pride and not like anything else or have pride in anything else in his life? I really hope you just have an odd problem because its sad when people come on here with no real problem but them needing a e-ego boost.
Re: my life serves no purpose
Post by allan on May 3rd, 2011, 06:53am

antisaint at 20 am sure sex drive is a strong motivations.
R u attracted to girls, girls & bois or bois? if so what scares you most about approaching them? a knock back? or exposing your real feelings?
u are obviously intelligent, so hiding who you are from every one is rubbish. Comfortable people will like u when you accept who u r & don't hide it.
Only those who are fearful of expressing them selves will have a problem & they do not count.

Re: my life serves no purpose
Post by sandrajeux on Dec 26th, 2011, 1:24pm

U r just wasting your life. Be social and make more friends and enjoy with them. Life is only granted once and live it fully, don't waste it.
Re: my life serves no purpose
Post by freelancerlynne on Jan 25th, 2012, 05:13am

You just need to change everything you do right now. Go out and make friends. your still young and people at your age still enjoying the freedom of being young. Enjoy life! life is too short don't waste your time thinking that you are useless.
Re: my life serves no purpose
Post by kentran on Nov 9th, 2017, 03:21am

I think if you continue like that will not be good. It makes you separate from the outside world.