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Re: Who is the bad person in this situation?
Post by jjwinkle on May 4th, 2016, 6:27pm

Of course, you and she must discontinue, because it didn't work for either of you.

This shouldn't be looked at in terms of who is to blame. It should be looked at, however, in terms of how you can improve. There are important things for you to learn from the experience. If you do, you can have successful relationships with others in the future.

You have to be nice to people or they will go away. You must constrain yourself from saying hurtful things on impulse. You have to be particularly gentle with people with mental problems like depression.

What you want is not important to the other person (unless the person already unconditionally loves you, like your mother). It's only what you do to them and say to them that matters.

And if you want someone to be happy and live a good life, your actions and statements must function to that end.